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  • Lunch box and Mug made from organic rice husk – Nature and My

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  • Lunch Box – made from Organic Rice Husk – Nature and My

    Your lunch box comes with a standard spork, box strap and removable divider to keep your snacks away from your main course. The dimensions for the box are 16x11x15cm. Please note that if the seal looks tight when your trying to remove the lid then you just need to lift the silicone to release the air then remove the lid.  You MUST NOT microwave or oven with the silicone seal on the box.  Always remember to microwave on a medium to low heat and for no more than 3 minutes.  Just so that you know this wonderful lunch box can withstand temperatures of -30c to +120c. I love these lunch boxes because they are made form 100% organic rice husk fibre which is held together with a natural binding agent made from plants. It may look and feel like plastic but it is not.  If you handle it with love and care, it will last for years.  After those years of use when you are ready to discard it, all that you need to do is pop it into landfill or your compost heap and it will biodegrade fully within 180 days – how fab is that?  Remember to take the silicone seal off first as this will need to be recycled.
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  • Stainless Steel Square Salad Box

    This 600ml salad box is made from 100% 204 food grade stainless steel.  It won’t stain and won’t carry any odours from previous food.   Tough and durable so will last so much longer than any of the plastic alternatives out there, it’s leak resistant and dishwasher safe and to make it even better you can put it in the freezer.  100% plastic free – what’s no to like? Width & length 13cm | Depth 5cm | Weight 234g | Capacity 600m
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  • Two in one lunch box

    This box is 100% 204cu Food grade stainless steel.  It won’t stain and it won’t carry odours from previous foods.  It’s dishwasher safe and you can pop it in your freezer if needs be.  It’s super stylish and durable and 100% plastic free. THE ELEPHANT BOX IS NOT LEAKPROOF – THERE IS NO SILICONE SEAL The square tin has a 600ml capacity and the snack box a 300ml capacity.
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  • Single Tier Lunch Box

    This box is 100% Food grade stainless steel.  It has an 800ml capacity.   It’s plastic free and dishwasher safe not leaving out that it’s stylish and durable. THE ELEPHANT BOX IS NOT LEAKPROOF – THERE IS NO SILICONE SEAL Length 17.5cm | Width 12.5cm | Depth 4.5cm | Weight 350g | Capacity 800ml
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  • Lunch box – Elephant Box

    This box is 100% 18/8 Food grade stainless steel. It is large and deep at 1.8 ltr capacity.  It won’t stain or carry odours from previous food storage.  It’s plastic free and dishwasher safe. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ELEPHANT BOX IS NOT LEAKPROOF The dimensions are: Width 15 cm | Length 21cm | Depth 7.5cm | Weight 450g |
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