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  • Bloom and Nora Midi Reusable Sanitary Pads – 3 pack- Eco-Z

    The pads come in a pack of three with a two-compartment travel bag, one side for your fresh pads and the other for your used ones. This keeps them nice and discreet whilst you’re out and about.
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  • Reusable Sanitary Pads – Bambaw

    Bambaw have developed a sanitary pad that is made for women, by women to ensure that it covers all your feminine hygiene needs.  They are available in:
    • Light flow –  1 pad with 1 layer of microfiber
    • Medium flow – 1 pad with 2 layers of microfiber
    • Heavy flow – 1 pad with 3 layers of microfiber
    All of these pads are made in black to make them discreet and are made from three different materials:
    • Bamboo charcoal for a lovely, dry and soft feeling, which also has odour control
    • Microfiber for maximum absorption and to ensure that they are quick drying
    • Waterproof PUL for protection and some elasticity
    They all have poppers on the wings which ensures that they stay in place all the time. On the packaging you will receive a digital user manual.
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